furklore has found a home!

furklore has found a home!

For many years I have been longing to create a cosy cave where I can withdraw and dive into my creative projects...and that can also be a precious space for other people...
now this dream has manifsted in a 22qm atelier/store in central Järna/Sweden that I am currently building up...I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and curious what will grow from here...

from May 2020 this door will open on sundays, inviting You to share & enjoy heart-projects of any kind - Like an open-stage for projects!
You are warmly welcome to exhibit your art, Design, music, craft, vision, passion, anything you feel strongly for and that you want the world to see or hear!     
Get in touch on   anne@furklore.com

Each project-sunday will be accompanied by cosyness and my mobile family-café   'AnneCaféKanne' serving raw sweets and herbal treats...

I also plan to open the atelier once a week for a woman's Care Space - a safe place for meeting and exchange of knowledge, with a focuspoint on natural birthing and female health. 
More info is coming soon! 

So long, hope I can welcome You one day in this project-space...!