Art against anxiety...

To myself.
For standing straight and finding calm in my head.


About three years ago I was facing a strong social fear, that had slowly creeped into my life after birthing my second son and isolating myself more and more...at some point I knew I had to face this fear, challenge it - otherwise the fear would grow stronger and take more and more of myself, and my family's health. So I decided to study.

I was lucky and thankful to get accepted into a Tiny House Kurs at St. Sigfrids Folkhögskola. 
7 times over the course of a year all students (about 20) would meet for one week and build three unique little houses. It was one of the most precious and challenging precesses I have been through...
In addition to my social fear I was facing emotions I had never experienced before - panic, feeling stupid and slow (I had no building experiences before and my swedish was very basic, so I was struggling to follow), being clumsy - but I also learned to walk through these emotions, accept them, learn from them. My fear lessened with each building week, my swedish improved and at the end of the course I had found so much more than I had initially hoped for - great knowledge, beautiful friends, and myself with a grateful and proud heart.


During the first group-meeting, when panic was hitting my heart, the thing that helped me was to draw. The drawing that is now resting on my neck (Warm Thnaks to the calm hand and kind heart of Louisé Jäger at Yantra Art Studio) was the first drawing of a little series and I dedicated it to myself,  as stated above.

It is a precious reminder for me when life wants to be bumpy.

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